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Home Renovation Package - Luxury

Total home renovation package


850€ / m2

The Luxury renovation package is an amazing proposal to turn your home into a luxurious space exactly as you have envisioned it, satisfying even the most demanding expectation.

Through a palette of selected materials of excellent quality in combination with the guidance of our specialized partners, your space will change radically, for an enviable result.

This is a package of high standards for impressive results of unparalleled aesthetics, which will give a dynamic imprint to your home.

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Tailored to your needs

Packet Actions

All our packages can be adapted to your needs, so that we can achieve your dream result.

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Dismantling - Demolition

  • ✓ Kitchen dismantling
  • ✓ Bathroom dismantling
  • ✓ Door dismantling
  • ✓ Wardrobe dismantling
  • ✓ Floor dismantling
  • ✓ Dismantling of plumbing
  • ✓ Dismantling of electrical installations
  • ✓ Dismantling of frames (windows and balcony doors)
  • ✓ Demolition of a wall up to 15 sq.m.
  • ✓ Debris collection with funnels and bins

Masonry - Ceilings

  • ✓ Plastering on dismantled surfaces
  • ✓ Placement of sanitary ware / accessories
  • ✓ Suspended ceiling in the bathroom
  • ✓ Downlights
  • ✓ Suspended ceiling in kitchen / living room for spots
  • ✓ Lining with vertical type I curtain
  • ✓ Masonry construction from plasterboard, stone wool or Alfablock insulation or bricks

Heating System

  • ✓ Heat pump system
  • ✓ Underfloor heating system or FAN COIL


  • ✓ Lacquer kitchen
  • ✓ Corian or quartz bench
  • ✓ Kitchen back from Corian or quartz
  • ✓ Kitchen sink with faucet
  • ✓ Hidden lighting under the cabinets

Bathroom - WC

  • ✓ Wall and floor cladding with tiles
  • ✓ Wall and floor cladding with pressed cement mortar
  • ✓ Shower or bath
  • ✓ Built-in sink and shower faucets
  • ✓ Solid bathroom furniture or built-in bench (adapted to the room)
  • ✓ Bath accessories set
  • ✓ New towel rail heating body

Electrical Services

  • ✓ New total electrical installation for the house
  • ✓ Electrical panel replacement
  • ✓ Alarm wiring
  • ✓ Relocation of sockets and luminaires to new locations
  • ✓ Switches
  • ✓ Simple wiring for lights

Interior Doors

  • ✓ Lacquered or veneer interior doors
  • ✓ Security door with laminate lining
  • ✓ Security door with veneer lining
  • ✓ Attic Door


  • ✓ Flooring with wooden parquet floor


  • ✓ Sliding wardrobes in all bedrooms


  • ✓ Application of two layers of trowel with ready putty on all walls and ceilings
  • ✓ Application of two coats of ecological Vechro paint
  • ✓ Exterior coloring on the balconies
  • ✓ Primer on metal surfaces

Aluminum Frames

  • ✓ Exterior EUROPA thermal break aluminum frames with heavy duty mechanisms
  • ✓ Electric shutters with screens

Home Renovation Actions


Construction of architectural plan and design of work sequence.

Issuance of Renovation Permits

Issuance of permits, if required, to begin renovation work.


Regardless of the size of the renovation, the initial stage is the demolition. Whether it is walls, floors, bathroom, kitchen, plumbing and electrical installations, closets, interior and exterior windows, etc.

Thermal Insulation - Insulation

Lining the interior and exterior surfaces of the apartment with thermal and insulating materials that offer natural heating το your space.

Dry Building System

Installation of a building system based on plaster which offers a new architectural touch and a new dimension to your home.

Electrical Installation

Designing electrical installations according to modern needs, panel replacement and change in sockets, switches and lighting of your space.

Hydraulic Installation

Design of plumbing according to modern needs and study to avoid moisture and mold. Replacement and installation of plumbing, heating boilers, air conditioning, underfloor heating, heat pumps, radiators and fan coil.

Restoration of Repairs

Complete restoration of the repairs that will occur during the dismantling, electrical and plumbing works and throughout the renovation of the house.

Wooden Floors

Removal of old wooden floors, preparation of substrate and installation of new wooden floors or Laminate for exceptional durability and timeless appearance.

Tiles - Floors

Removal of old tiles, cleaning and sealing the substrate and applying fresh glue before the new higher quality tiles are installed and grouted at the joints.

Exterior Frames - Aluminum Frames

Replacement of pre-existing frames with new ones that offer aesthetic and energy upgrades to the space.

Painting (Interior - Exterior)

Wall preparation and painting internally and externally.

Sanitary Ware

Replacement of bathroom sanitary ware with modern ones which offer a contemporary tone in the space and ease of use to the user.

Interior Wooden Furniture

Installation of new kitchen furniture and cabinets according to the preferences and needs of the customer and replacement of the interior and exterior doors with new ones.


Installation of energy fireplace or bioethanol which gives a feeling of modern warmth in your space.

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